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Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

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Korice Moir

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Mimico Creek : Mimico Creek north of Lake Shore Boulevard and west of Parklawn Road

Upstream from the mouth of Mimico Creek
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Shiny surface. looks unnatural. what causes this?

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  • 2017-09-24 - 18:00:00

    Pollution reported to Water Rangers : Explorer's team by Korice Moir.

  • 2017-11-08 - 07:18:00 Kat Kavanagh commented

    Is this film still there? It could be a number of things, and could be pollution or natural. Someone always told me to look for other signs: unnatural smells, dead fish. If the issue is gone, you can close it in the status below :) Here's some details from What causes surface scum on a lake? There are various causes of surface scums on a lake or pond. Look more closely to determine what is on the water’s surface. An oily film or yellow-green dust on the surface of a lake make it look contaminated but, in most cases, nothing is wrong. In fact, something natural is probably occurring. An oily film in mid-summer may be caused by organic compounds from nearby wetlands, rotting vegetation, or insect cases that were concentrated along the shore by wind after a hatch. Insects can hatch at any time from ice-out in the spring until mid-September. As the insect cases decompose, they sometimes produce an oily film. Yellow-green dust floating on the surface in late spring and early summer is probably pollen from nearby trees. In contrast, a scum from an algal bloom is green to blue-green, might have an oily sheen that resembles a motor oil slick, and can form a thick, soupy mass on the surface of the water.