Reading teststrips

This study is helping us collect enough photos to train an algorithm to detect and predict colour tests. Since eyes interpret colours differently, this tool aims to make test strip readings as consistent and accurate as possible. Some readings will give you an initial predicted result, but you should enter in your interpreted results as well, as the technology is still being improved.

How it works:

  1. You take a photo of your teststrip on the reference card.
  2. The photo is submitted to our machine reading algorithm.
  3. The algorithm takes a few minutes to try and read it.
  4. If it can interpret the results, it displays values on our website (not on the app yet)
  5. Some photos can't be interpreted yet, but please keep taking them! The more photos the community takes, the better it will work!

For more information:

Photo showing how to align test strip on your reference card
Use this feature on our mobile apps!