Eurasian Milfoil

How to identify it

  • It grows under the water surface
  • Feather-like green leaves circle the stem in groups of four or five
  • Leaves have 12 or more thread-like segments

Why it's bad

  • Reduces oxygen levels can kill fish
  • Thick mats can cause problems with boating and other recreation
  • Dense mats can create stagnant water, which breeds mosquitoes
  • Shades out other aquatic plants

What to do if you see it

New plants can grow from small pieces of the plant. Avoid infested areas or reduce your speed when travelling near Eurasian water-milfoil infestations. Your propeller can break off fragments and spread the pieces to new areas.

Eurasian milfoil
Count the rungs: 12 or more and it's invasive!