Wagg-E Braemar Culvert

Wagg Creek

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Highest point that Wagg can be seen above ground. Water running steadily.
Single family home neighbourhood, large lots.
Sampling site is a ravine / small easement between two houses. Go down the path. Stream bed has a steep grade. The creek flows out of a storm pipe. Strong iron oxide deposit (slimy orange coating on cobble and staining of water first seen June 2021, fading in June 2022). Take measurement to the north while standing on the make shift board walk.

Location created by
Carolynne Robertson

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first rainfall today after several wks drought

04 Sep 18:53 by Carolynne Robertson

channel is well wetted but water level is lower

20 Aug 10:32 by Carolynne Robertson

First time I've seen water is clear! Iron oxide deposit still visible on rocks, but fading.

02 Jun 13:30 by Carolynne Robertson

Lots of iron oxide, steady trickle from culvert, small trickle from pipe draining the home above embankment

15 Apr 11:50 by Carolynne Robertson

Reddish brown sediment on rocks and in creek bed.
Low water level.

28 Aug 14:00 by Carolynne Robertson

Brown/orange discolouration persists. Source unknown, could be naturally occurring? Sulphur/sewage smell not present today.

09 Jul 09:40 by Carolynne Robertson

Residential area, conductivity is higher than expected. wetted width of flow 1 foot to 1 metre. Suspect a cross connection with sewage?

17 Jun 10:00 by Carolynne Robertson